OSLO 2016: Team Premio goes heroic!

March 15, 2016 0 Comments

OSLO 2016: Team Premio goes heroic!


The OSLO 2016 Biathlon World Championships was a real success for our World Cup Team Premio with astonishing performance in each and every race to finish with 25 medals including 9 golds. It was nothing but amazing to see athletes like Martin Fourcade go for a winning streak to take on 3 consecutive individual victories and his teammate Marie Dorin-Habert matching his successful performance to lead the French team.

Outstanding performance helped Martin to secure his 5th Overall World Cup Title and 4 small Crystal globes in the following disciplines: Sprint, Pursuit, Mass start and Individual. Happy man is now set on his way to the final World Cup of the season in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia.

I knew after the last standing, that I was in a position to win. The coaches told me that Landi was only three seconds ahead; he lied, but I knew that Landi is strong and this would be a hard last kilometer. I had my eyes closed going up the last hill; there was so much pain. I gave everything I had, probably more! - Martin Fourcade for biathlonworld.com

Laura Dahlmeier came up strong for the competition that was not surprise. Namely, she came 3rd in sprint, just to fight back and win the pursuit race. The next day she claimed the bronze in individual race. Together with the team mates from team Germany they took on the relay to finish 3rd. Laura put an exclamation mark with the 2nd places at the mass start on the final day of competitions. She was definitely happy with the results, as you can see by her smile!

Other athletes from our Team Premio were not shy of going hard either:

Franzi Preuss is the Mixed Relay World Champ and bronze medalist with the German team in Women's Relay

Maren Hammerschmidt is the bronze medalist with the German team in Women's Relay

Dorothea Wierer is the Pursuit silver medalist and also the winner of the Small Crystal globe in individual discipline

Fanny Horn-Birkeland, Relay World Champion with team Norway

Justine Braisaz is the Relay silver medalist with team France

Arnd Peiffer won the Mixed Relay and came third in the Men's Relay with team Germany

Benny Doll, Men's Relay bronze medalist

Congratulations to all athletes on their impressive achievements!