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    one way premio slg 10

    Here at ONE WAY we always strive for innovation and development of state-of-the-art racing products that help athletes of all skill levels to achieve peak performance. Over the last years we have been closely working with the Olympic and World Champions, such as Martin Fourcade, Dario Cologna, Sami Jauhojärvi and Charlotte Kalla, on development of the next level World Cup racing pole. Today we are proud to introduce you the One Way Premio SLG 10 - the pole that will revolutionize the way you race.

    superior lightness and durability

    The new shaft is crafted from Super Light Diamond Carbon with titanium insert and weights just below outstanding 50 g/m. The shaft isn't just lighter, it provides lighter swing feeling, allowing athletes to improve the efficiency and swing faster.

    Less than 50 g/m

    Premio SLG is the most durable World Cup-level shaft we've ever developed and tested throughout the season with the World's elite athletes in biathlon and cross-country skiing.

    Pro Strap

    The Pro Strap was developed to as a response to the needs of the World Cup athletes who don't want to compromise anything in the performance. The new strap features updated design for lighter, more precise and comfortable fit that ensures maximum power transmission.

    360° Cork Grip

    The feel of performance through ergonomic design and good response. 100% natural cork material for comfort and firm non-slip handling. Light materials and updated construction minimize the impact on the pole weight.

    Premio Flash Racing Basket

    Aerodynamically shaped basket which reduces drag by balancing its air resistance and by eliminating excess material. The new construction allows removing excess material, resulting in even lighter basket. The aerodynamic basket shape reduces air resistance making the pole swing even easier.