Whistleblower Contact Form

Info Whistleblower Policy

Cohesion, mutual respect, trust and a professional approach to each other and to our customers reflect our corporate values. To strengthen these even more, we have set up a whistleblowing link. This can be used by all employees, but also by other persons who have a business relationship with Fischer Sports.

In this reporting channel you have the possibility to report violations, e.g.: White-collar crime such as bribery, theft, fraud or forgery, discrimination, harassment or other serious irregularities.

Your report in this whistleblower channel will reach our internal reporting office at Fischer Sports GmbH. This reporting office is managed by the Compliance Team and someone from the team will personally address your concern.

Your report will be submitted confidentially with your name and contact details in accordance with the EU Directive on the Protection of Whistleblowers (RL 2019/1937, "Whistleblower Directive"), so that we can inform you about further steps and measures. Of course, your request as well as your identity will be treated strictly confidentially.

We can expressly assure you that you will not suffer any disadvantages in the company as a result of your courageous behavior and thank you for your report.