One Way

Into the future with new
positioning and a fresh look

ONE WAY is taking off in the ’21-’22 season with a brand relaunch. Founded in Finland in 2004 and under the Fischer Sports umbrella since 2018, the highly regarded brand is stepping into the future with a fresh new look and is creating a sensation with its first-ever comprehensive Alpine pole collection. The revolutionary GTX concept for customizable Alpine poles was immediately honored with an ISPO AWARD 2021 by its panel of experts.

Newly developed as part of the relaunch, the corporate identity has a new look and new logo which clearly define a new direction: ONE WAY will be fresher, more modern, and more relevant. The clean, sleek design of the product aligns itself with a very emotional approach for the brand communications. “A single vision has always been behind the brand relaunch: to clearly position the ski pole as an object of desire - a work of art, really; a product the consumer actively seeks out, and which is so engaging that they’d actually like to hang it on the wall,” is how Severin Lehner, the head of One Way, describes the new direction.

ONE WAY is creating a sensation in the ’21-’22 season with the debut of a comprehensive Alpine ski pole collection that covers every segment and every price point. It sets itself apart through novel product concepts as well as innovative technology. These are paired with clean product design language in bold, contrasting colors for eye catching looks and function. The revolutionary GTX concept means the Alpine pole is no longer a set, predefined product, but rather a modular system. Each customer can configure their poles according to their personal taste right in the shop. The GTX concept, including its corresponding configurator app, was immediately honored with an ISPO AWARD 2021 as an outstanding product by the ISPO panel of experts, which is the ultimate stamp of approval in the sporting goods industry. On top of that, with the Alpine Mag Point System, ONE WAY has a grip/strap system with safety release in its product portfolio that provides equal measures of both safety and comfort.

The Nordic pole collection will also be totally overhauled in the upcoming season. The Premio 30, sporting the new brand colors, created an impressive buzz in its very first appearance at the Biathlon World Cup in Antholz and raced its way onto the list of winners. With a clean, minimalistic look, the top pole is a technology showcase with a lighter, stiffer shaft; quick-swap Exchange Basket system; and the new Nordic Mag Point 2.0 grip/strap system. The athletes were immediately on-board and that is important to Severin Lehner: “No doubt - a fundamental element of ONE WAY in the future will be a concerted effort to rack up podium finishes with its products in the Nordic World Cup, to expand its strong Nordic product portfolio, and to give 100% toward being a trusted retail partner.”

As part of the brand relaunch, ONE WAY has created a brand movie in cooperation with the Jung von Matt Donau agency. The movie presents a brand that has deliberately decided to break with conformity; That ONE WAY has chosen to defy external pressure and expectations to do the expected. 

The film’s message is also an homage to nature. It aims to inspire people to leave their stressful everyday lives and do something for themselves for a change - something meaningful, something lasting. With the movie, the brand wants to encourage Alpine and Nordic skiers, as well as athletes of any type, to trust themselves and reach their personal goals supported by premium ONE WAY products.

“We wanted to tell the ONE WAY story in a slightly different way with this brand movie. A story that captures the people behind ONE WAY and that differentiates itself from the typical - often very generic - mainstream ski and ski pole advertising and communications,” explains Severin Lehner. “The people behind ONE WAY are passionate Alpine and Nordic skiers who love to pursue their sport and commune with nature. We’d like to emphasize that particular value in contrast to our many other stressful daily activities. We’re sure that this positive message also speaks to our target consumer group and will only increase in relevance in the future.”

Severin Lehner, Head of ONE WAY