ONE WAY Rollerski Poles

The best winter sports athletes are made in summer. With this in mind, ONE WAY also offers the perfect companion for summer training: The STREET models for roller skiing. Thanks to the EXCHANGE BASKET SYSTEM, changing the pole tips is extremely easy. The poles are ready for roller skiing with just a few simple steps.


This very light and durable 100% Diamond Carbon pole Storm 2 Street Kit is made for ambitious rollerskiers. The easy changeable and extra strong Rollertip comes with a higher shaft to protect the pole at the bottom end and to improve the power transfer on asphalt. AV WC Strap and Carbon Grip provide you top comfort and performance during rollerskiing workouts. The length of the pole shaft can be adjusted with precision. The grip is glued in place using the adhesive supplied.


The Storm 5 Street is a lightweight pole with solid performance for active skiers. It has a 50% Carbon shaft and extra strong Rollertip with a higher shaft to protect the pole at the bottom end, and to improve the power transfer on asphalt. The high performance AV Race Strap and the ergonomic Carbon Grip offer you comfort and optimal power transfer for an active rollerskiing experience.

The ONE WAY Exchange Basket System makes changing pole baskets easy for everyone – from World Cup to marathon and fitness level skiers. The lightweight Exchange Basket System offers the option of quickly and easily replacing the basket on all cross country pole models that feature a 9 mm shaft tip.

REMOVAL: Pull the retaining clip away from the shaft releases the basket.

REPLACING: The fastening clip guides the basket into the correct position on the pole shaft. Push the basket firmly onto the pole shaft until you hear a click confirming that the basket is fully engaged on the retaining clip.

The ONE WAY Exchange Basket System includes a small basket with a lightweight aluminum tip for compact, non-icy conditions and a medium-sized basket for universal use, and two pairs of rollerski tips. Also included in the package: 2 pair sleeves, one release tool and one storage bag.