About One Way

ONE WAY is a well-known supplier of ski poles and accessories. Originally founded in 2004 in Finland and under the Fischer Sports umbrella since 2018, the company still has a strong connection to its Scandinavian roots. Outstanding, pure product design; remarkable success in Nordic ski racing; and strong communication in connection to winter and outdoor activities have characterized the brand from the very beginning.


We lead, not follow. Norms and traditional ways of acting are there to be challenged. We want to be an expressive force in winter sports. We fuel athletes with confidence and performance. We strive to be #1 in poles for XC and Alpine.


ONE WAY products and communication stand out, excite, and surprise. Our products are the benchmarks for quality, performance, and innovation. We work with the best people who embrace our brand and our mindset, both externally and internally. We constantly grow our business in a healthy and sustainable way.


We enable the consumer to be and to feel better than what they thought was possible. We nurture the spirit of never giving up, and of challenging the impossible. We focus on tomorrow instead of today. True innovators find inspiration in re-defining existing rules and limitations. We do not accept mediocre or average. If we get into something, we go all-in.